Dr Chan has a lot to answer for

Sebbie was not an easy baby. Moan, moan, moan. Morning, noon and night. You name it – and he did it. He was the best form of contraception ever and the thought of a second Seb under the same roof was just too much to consider and as a consequence I ‘d started to think about finding a more permanent solution to the “breeding game”.

Off I toddled to see Dr Chan (name changed for fear of litigation!). Working in Financial Services I am no stranger to policies, procedures, regulations and laws. These are things we are obligated to do……but when it comes to medical matters, I’m a complete wimp. I just don’t do blood – the sight of my own sends me faint. Visiting a hospital sends shivers through me…. But I had a need so I took a few deep breaths and went to see Dr Chan. 

I explained what I was after and Dr Chan said he could help me. “Don’t tell me what is involved” I said. “Tell me the absolute minimum you need to, to discharge your responsibility and not one aspect more. I don’t want to know where the needle goes.” (At this point male readers will either break into a sweat or will be wincing at the thought).

The day of reckoning came. I remember that it was a lovely hot day and it had been for a while. As I lay on the operating table we discussed Dr Chans wilting plants and I recall laughing nervously just as Dr Chan was about to do his stuff. As the surgery commenced I passed out but woke a few hours later – permanent solution in place.

In my state of convenient deafness during the initial consultation I didnt hear some of the warnings……or if I did I probably thought it wouldn’t happen to me but unfortunately if does periodically. As a consequence sitting down has been a struggle this last week and sitting on the bike saddle has been totally out of the question. As a result I’ve not been on my bike for 8 days now. I’m even more behind as a consequence……… hence Dr Chan has a lot to answer for. But after 10 days of antibiotics I’ll be right as rain – unlike those that receive news that they have Cancer.

A former colleague has given me a different saddle to try and that has kept me occupied for most of the day. I can’t run the risk of this flaring up when I’m on the ride….that’s probably the biggest concern that I have right now.

I expect to ride every day this week. I really have got to get some miles in my legs. Hopefully I’ll pick up the new bike tomorrow!!

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