Life is no rehearsal

…..You get one chance at it and you have to make the most of it. I’ve got the opportunity to do something that I’ve secretly harboured a desire to do and I intend to make the most of it.

I’ve holidayed in Portugal for almost 40 years. As a family we have a real affinity with the Portuguese and the Algarve is a special place for us. Whilst there last year I read a book called “The Man That Cycled the World” written by Mark Beaumont. “I’ll cycle here one day” I proclaimed (glass of vino in hand of course!).

My last employers were kind enough to be restructuring so I seized the opportunity and secured a career break. Not quite sure for how long – I can worry about that later. It is strange how circumstance unfolds and how quickly life can change in a meeting, a phone call or the flick of a coin.

That happened to a great friend of mine in February of this year. We’d been out cycling and he’d got a cold that he just couldn’t shake off. Viral or so he thought. The “virus” had made the glands in his neck swell and they wouldn’t go down. The lump in his neck meant a biopsy was required.

I had a call from his wife whilst enjoying a quiet pint one Sunday evening. My pal had been diagnosed with Lymphoma and his life took on a new direction from that point. It stops you in your tracks – literally. How can someone – in the prime of his life be struck down with this “thing”? It’s a lesson to us all that life is not a rehearsal – but for me it was the unwelcome purpose I needed to do the ride. My wine fuelled throwaway line became a reality. For me it’s now or never.

What started as a personal challenge has become an opportunity to raise money for charity. If you’d like to sponsor me individually or corporately, large or small – please follow the following link or click on The Charities tab above.

You can follow my preparations and progress on the ride via this site

Many thanks


5 thoughts on “Life is no rehearsal

  1. I will be following your progress mr dear !!!!!! Well done xxxx all those new bikes will make it all worth while xxx


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