About Jon Dear

Kindly taken by FT Images, Worcester

Kindly taken by FT Images, Worcester

Jon Dear is not a natural cyclist. He’s far too fat and heavy to ride the tour de France and he’s far too old to be riding to Portugal. At his age (48) he should know better than to undertake something as stupid as this…..but then again he’s always been up for a challenge with his previous acts of stupidity in the name of charity including bungee jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe and a 13,000ft freefall parachute jump!

Jon acquired a passion for cycling about 6 years ago when he weighed in at about 15 stone 7 lbs. Whilst his weight is not much different today, back in 2009 his clothes felt much tighter and his shirt buttons pulled more widely. It was whilst working with Intrinsic Financial Services that he first became hooked on cycling. Jon attended Intrinsic’s annual conference where they launched the first of their annual charity cycle rides. The inaugural event was a ride from London to Paris to raise money for Children’s Hospices. Whilst not at that point owning a bike, Jon signed up and his fetish for wearing lycra on Saturday and Sunday mornings began.

Jon has worked within the UK Financial Services profession for all his working life. This will come as an extreme disappointment to his youngest son who believes that Jon was a chimney sweep “in the olden days when Oliver Twist was alive”. More latterly, Jon was Marketing and Propositions Director at Sesame Bankhall Group. In addition to being responsible for a number of functions including Propositions, Marketing, Relationship Management, Recruitment and Events, Jon’s role often required the attendance at dinners and events where the consumption of rich food and the odd glass of sauvignon blanc was expected. Alas, Jon is hampered right from the off as a consequence of carrying more than a few excess pounds.

During the winter months he can be found watching rugby at Worcester Warriors or coaching Worcester’s under 11’s neither of which are conducive to the acquisition of a racing cyclists body.

Jon lives in Worcester with his wife and two sons from where the ride will commence.


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