The Charities

On 6th March 2006 Pauline Dear passed away aged 67 following a period of illness that lasted for about 4 years. Having sold their business, my parents were looking forward to a happy retirement together and made plans that were cruelly ripped apart by cancer.

Mum had unwillingly drawn the short straw. I guess we all know someone who has suffered from cancer; I was too young to appreciate it at the time but I remember certain things about my grandfather’s illness and subsequent death – observing the suffering and discomfort he endured….. but when you are very young, older people are just ill.

Mums illness was my first close hand experience of Cancer. You quickly come to realise that people don’t suffer from Cancer – that’s a broad based term that covers so many different conditions, all of which have individual strains, nuances, variants, conditions and treatments. Mums was a rare form of Cushings Disease. Like so many other people I turned to Google. After 30 minutes of reading you think you are a fully qualified oncologist, after 60 minutes you remember you aren’t, and soon after that you realise that what you really need is to talk to someone who can explain things calmly and sensibly. That’s exactly what the endocrine nurse at the Pituitary Foundation was able to do for me. I don’t know whether mum consulted them directly but the advice and guidance that I received was just invaluable.

So the first charity that I want to support is the Pituitary Foundation. for further info. I want to raise funds to support the work of their endocrine nurse.

“High grade B cell lymphoma on the background of follicular lymphoma” was the news my Pal received. It must raise questions of clarity for those in the medical profession – let alone the man in the street. Like Cushings Disease it was a term that I’d never heard before, let alone understood what it was. My Pal was the same but quickly found out that it was, in simple terms, a blood cancer. He was able to access very balanced information and guidance from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

They have created communities of those affected and provide invaluable information to sufferers and well as continually looking for the “cure” for blood cancers through the funding of ongoing research. They have been fighting to beat blood cancer for over 50 years and don’t intend to stop until they have succeeded. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is the 2nd charity that I’d like to support.

I do hope that you will choose to donate to these two most worthy of causes. After all, one day it might be you whose life changes in a meeting, a phone call or the flick of a coin and you need their help and support.

You can click on the button below to make your donation.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


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