Statistics from the ride

So, I finished the ride 3 days ago. Since then its been a period of rest and relaxation although the meaning of relaxation has yet to get through to Seb. If i’m having a quiet 5 minutes in the pool, he’ll appear from no where to shouts of “having a nice relax are we Dad” followed by a bombing in the pool – Peter Kay – John Smith beer advert style.

Its given me time to have a look at some of the stats from the ride which may be interesting to some of you. I believe that the final distance is correct but I’m sure there are bits that I have missed because I forgot to press start on the Garmin. My Garmin problems and frustrations have been well documented so some of the data is from Nicks device. So here we go:

Distance covered:         2687km’s – a little less than I anticipated

Meters climbed:            25,528m – 1,000m short of climbing Mount Everest 3 times over. Surprisingly, the biggest single day was actually the trip to Lisbon where the accumulated meters were 1,889m.

Calories burnt:              122,895

Longest day:                 184km – 10 hours and 2 minutes riding!

Top speed:                    64.9 km/ph

Visits to the website:     7,903  and from the following countries:

UK, Portugal, Spain, USA, Switzerland, UAE, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, France, Greece, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Poland, Belgium and Malta.

I’m sure that other stats will become available but an interesting first reflection.

Next post will be lessons learnt!


3 thoughts on “Statistics from the ride

  1. What a tremendous achievement! You should be rightly proud (as I am of you) of the goal you set yourself and the way in which you have achieved it. Well done! Personally, I’m just amazed that you had an idea and actually saw it through. You can now say you are a ‘completer finisher’! Really well done JD. Now enjoy some down time with H and the kids.


  2. Jon these are incredible stats, well done chap. I have been home a week now and can’t wait to start plannnng the next challenge.
    Enjoy your rest and we must meet up for a beer when you are settled back in to life in the Midlands.


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