Cider Saturday

The day started really well. I’ve a new play mate who I’ve just been introduced to – another new cyclist which is always good. JB (my new training partner) has committed to do a charity ride with a difference – 200 miles in a day. He signed up when he didn’t even own a bike……and we’ve had 2 rides out already! He’s naturally competitive so JB will be great to push me along and I’ll do the same for him.

Most men love data and competing with themselves. This mornings ride was much faster than our first ride – but that’s no surprise.  It’s JB’s first road bike and he literally had to start from scratch – like how to change gear! We did 28 miles in 1 hour 47 minutes – and average of 15.47 mph. Our previous ride on this course albeit clockwise was 1 hour 55 minutes and a good enough pace to make you thirsty.

Cider Saturday is steeped in history. Its origins can be traced back approximately 10 years when the bar at Worcester Warriors ran out of lager during the last game of the season. “We’ll have to drink cider” said RJ and it was as simple as that and Cider Saturday was born. Ever since then, the last home game of the season has been christened Cider Saturday and it’s obligatory to drink cider. Certain more sensible individuals claim to partake in Cider Saturday but can be seen drinking “the black stuff” or lager…..sensible may be but against tradition.

Cider Saturday lived up to all expectations – I just wish the same could be said for the Warriors. Yet again they came up short in front of the 6 ways faithful. It doesn’t look good for the play offs – let’s hope that Bristol have peaked too early and we don’t throw away the opportunity like we did on Saturday. 

I was glad to see my bed at the end of Cider Saturday and it was up early for a rugby festival at Telford on Sunday. The guys at Telford did an excellent job with a great mornings rugby for all. There must have been at least 300 kids their from age 7 to 12 all appeared to have a great time. 

Alas, cycling missed out again. I’ve done no more that 105 miles this week. I need to step the distance up to 105 every two days. On the ride I need to be doing 90 miles a day so I’ve a lot to do when I finish work……feels like I’m climbing a mountain. 

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