The Yellow Boat Reminder

I was concerned how the legs would be on Monday following the 50 miles on Sunday – but that was the least of my worries. My day started with a 2 hour drive to Altrincham where our staff were to find out the outcome of the “Strategic Review”.

Many people were put “at risk” with a lot surprised at how many roles are potentially affected. I’m prevented from writing too much about this but it’s a brutal reminder of the reality of corporate life.

No cycling on Monday as a consequence. I got back to find a massively upset Sebastian. He was in tears – hysterical in fact, the tears were rolling down his face and his verbal abuse was delivered at machine gun pace. For Seb, his Dad being late back meant that he may not get a yellow boat at the canoe club. For him this was everything. Nothing else mattered. There were about 8 other boats available at the club – all the same of course but they were all white and Seb can’t paddle those (there is literally no difference aside of the colour), but to a 10 year old nothing else in the world matters. I managed to cook him spaghetti, find his kit and get changed myself within 5 minutes. I was multi tasking like a mother would when getting kids ready for school

I dropped Seb off at the canoe club at 6.05. The coach helped Seb get a yellow boat with one of the others kids kindly vacating theirs.

On to the water they go and before to long they are off paddling up stream. The river becomes silent again as the young paddlers disturb the serenity of the River Severn further upstream. They absolutely love it; The guys at Worcester Canoe Club do a fantastic job with the kids. There are too many volunteers to mention personally and I’ll run the risk of forgetting one of them if I mention names – but we are grateful to them all.

The river is a great place to think. It’s calming and helps you reflect. What a contrasting day. Delivering life changing messages to work friends and colleagues and letting down my son who couldn’t get his yellow canoe ……. which for him was of equal magnitude.

Note to self – put the boys first.

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