Bring Back Michael Fish!

Yesterday was glorious across Worcestershire. Wall to wall blue sky’s. 18 degrees. T shirt weather – some hardy souls even had shorts and flip flips!

I watched the weather last night and it was forecast to be cold over night, but would then rise to 14 degrees through the course of the morning. Another day like today I thought.

I got ready in my shorts but had the sense to put on long fingered gloves and a gilet. It was a wee bit cool as I left the house. It will warm up soon I thought.

How wrong was I. It was bloody freezing!  When I cycle I find that it’s my feet that feel it the most. Without overshoes on that’s exactly how it was today – for 3.5 hours. Feet like blocks of ice or to be accurate, toes like ice cubes! (Garmin recorded an average temperature of 7.5 degrees which explains a lot).

It was windy too and it just felt as though every direction I rode in, I was riding into the wind.

So it was a brutal reminder today that preparation is key. Know the conditions and dress accordingly!

For the stato’s:

Distance              50.49 miles

Average speed   14.79mph (disappointing)

Time:                   3 hours 24 minutes

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