My First Real Training Ride

Its easy to get distracted. There is always another excuse. Yesterday we had Louis playing cricket all day and Seb sailing. Yesterday’s excuse for me was military fitness.

For my part I’ve not been on the bike as much as I would have liked since Christmas. In January it was icy, cold and dark (note the excuse) so I needed something else to shed my excess pounds. I’d weighed myself on New Years Day – not very sensible I know. Anyway I was the heaviest that I’d knowingly been at 15st 8lb, which is over 100kgs if you are that way inclined.

I needed a drastic solution that didn’t involve:

  • Eating less
  • Drinking less

Around the same time in my inbox popped my daily email from Groupon. I’ve come to really love my daily dose from them and invariably scroll through their daily offering as I have my first cuppa of the day whilst waking up. A rather well timed advert caught my eye one day “Xtreme Boot Camp”. That’s it I thought – I’ll give it ago. After all my weight had become extreme and my work shirts extremely tight.

It’s been fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed my regular beasting from Her Majesty’s Forces people. I was looking forward to my Saturday doseage but something was wrong and they didn’t turn up. They must be human after all. Perhaps they’d had a night on the piss, a second bottle of wine or a crap curry at 2 am?

Unfortunately it was nothing like one of my excuses and nothing more than a simple double booking. So I did nothing yesterday and have to make up for it today with at least 50 miles.

So it’s round Breedon Hill for me.

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