What a difference a week makes

So I’m 5 working days into my new adventure. It was a strange week last week; it was odd not to race around at a crazy pace going from one location or one meeting to the next. It was strange not to think about work and whilst friends refer to it feeling like a holiday its totally different. On holiday I’d forever be looking at my phone just to see what was going on, see who was after me and above all wondering what I’d be going back to. Like an idiot I even interrupted a holiday to fly back for something “important”. Never again.

So there’s been none of that stuff. Its mainly been about the ride albeit the start of the week was a bank holiday which meant time in the garden chopping stuff down and working on ensuring my lawn is significantly better than the neighbour from hells. He tries every year but his looks nothing like mine – bless him.

On Tuesday I went to collect the bike from Fred Williams cycles in Wolverhampton. Paying for my own petrol for the first time in 4 years was a shock! I’m really pleased and have had the first ride out on the bike – it great.

There was a problem though – my back. I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling as though a red hot poker was been pushed through my hip. There’s no way I could ride again – what is happening to me? You see my problem is that I still think I’m in my 20’s – its only my body that tells me that I’m not – so I spent the whole of Wednesday working out my routes see https://jondear.co.uk/the-ride/. if you know anyone that can help validate this please ask them to get in touch. On Thursday, I turned to the cricket club physio Pete Boyle and an hour or so later I was back on form. Gardening was the problem – never again!

A short 25 mile ride followed – a longer ride cut short by monsoon conditions across Worcestershire. Friday was more like it. 53 miles around Breedon Hill again but this time with a good lunch at the Queen Elizabeth at Elmley Lovett. Its a lovely looking village where the pub and café are owned by 26 of the locals – great idea to keep the village pub open.

Myself, RJ, “My Pal” and Seb went to watch the mighty Warriors crush London Scottish on Friday night which was great followed by Military Fitness at 9am on Saturday morning (a great cure for “one beer too many” the night before). Saturday afternoon ended watching Lou play cricket albeit he was grumpy at just getting 21. Rugby reality dawns on Sunday – we now have to beat Bristol in the play offs.

Sunday afternoon was a short ride of about 11 miles with Seb (Buddha Wiggins) who had to be refuelled with an Oreo ice cream after 4 miles. He seems to really enjoy it

I’m feeling back on track now – just need to raise some money now – so don’t be shy!


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