2 Weeks to Go!

Well its almost upon me. The final preparations are under way as I get ready for the “Grand Depart” on 6th July.

Training over the last few weeks has been a little stop start with less than ideal preparations. Training was interrupted for 5 days by a most magical trip to Switzerland with Worcester Rugby’s under 11’s. We took 23 boys – accompanied by 23 “big boys” on rugby tour to visit Zug RFC where we stopped in Unterageri, about an hour from Zurich Airport. The weather was fantastic, our hosts were brilliant and the experience for the boys was one that they will never forget. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Seb had an absolute ball which you cant put a price on. That weekend away with Seb will always be special. 4 years ago I had a similar experience with Louis at the same place. Just priceless fun and memories.

Riding last week was tough. The effect of the weekends alcohol was apparent. Every turn of the pedals was tough, around every corner was a headwind – it was just brutal. Thankfully, it wasn’t just me. My cycling pal John also suffered. 2 coffees and fish and chips at the Queen Elizabeth was a welcome interlude and the fuel required to finish the ride. Two rides since have been a lot better – it must have been the excesses of the previous weekend catching up on me.

I’ve been replanning my routes. I just haven’t been out enough and as a consequence don’t want to over do it too early on. The accommodation is now booked down to San Sebastian and I’ve been boosted by the news that I’m going to have company on the trip to Portsmouth – Nick is going to join which is great and two others – possibly including “my pal” may also join. It would be great if he could do some of the ride but the Chemo is just terrible stuff and wipes him out for a week. Thankfully, he’s had the last bout and he can look to the future now with confidence. The was he’s dealt with it has been inspirational.

I’ve been working on raising awareness of my ride and have been interviewed by BBC Radio locally and featured in the local press (I just wished I was more photogenic!!) Worcester News

Hopefully they will be covering my exploits “en route”. The boys have been helping delivering fliers (thanks for those Dean) to local people and businesses so hopefully sponsorship momentum will pick up.

Sponsorship has been boosted by the generosity of 3 companies; Partnership Assurance, Prudential and Rock Power Connections. Thank you to you all – much appreciated. Together they have pledged £1,650 – so well done guys!

Personal donations have been a little slower to come in – I guess that human nature – but its just one extra thing that I have to worry about. So if you are thinking of doing something – don’t wait – click on the following link and donate today.


It could be the extra £1 that you give that makes all the difference – and when times are tough, when it gets hot, my legs are aching or my arse is sore – your donation could be the one that keeps me going.

It would be great if I could get over £5k before I set off. Every little counts as they say!!

Many thanks


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